The Golden Bullet Adhesive - Unlimited Moisture Warranty

Product Description

The Golden Bullet, DriTac 4141 Premium "Green" Sound & Moisture Control Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive

Faster, Stronger, Better - The Golden Bullet provides Unlimited Subfloor Moisture Control with no testing required and a Lifetime Warranty in writing! DriTac 4141 is the lowest perm rated product in its category, making it the most robust product formulation and introduction in DriTac's 58-year history. The Golden Bullet is a single-component, premium "green" sound and moisture control urethane wood flooring adhesive that offers the most enhanced moisture warranty in the industry!

Manufactured in the USA, The Golden Bullet 4-In-1 wood flooring adhesive also offers superior sound control properties while acting as a crack suppressant. This multiple solution product meets and/or exceeds all IIC and STC building code requirements for sound reduction. DriTac 4141 contains zero VOCs, zero solvents and has been independently tested and certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute's Green Label Plus Program for Indoor Air Quality.

The Golden Bullet enables end-users to install wood flooring with unlimited thickness, width and length. It can be used to install multi-ply engineered plank, solid wood planks and bamboo flooring. The Golden Bullet contains no water, cleans easily when wet and dramatically increases project productivity.