Quartz Countertops - The Hot New (Affordable) Home Improvement Item

Quartz is a beautiful and affordable material that is becoming more and more popular for residential use for countertops and vanities. This durable and affordable material looks great in kitchens and bathrooms, as a bar and even as a tabletop. Quartz countertops allow you to complete your home improvement project on a budget while still creating a beautiful upscale look wherever you use it.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is engineered stone made from natural materials with colors added for variation. During the engineering process, the flaws of the natural materials are taken out, which helps to prevent cracking in the future. Quartz has resins and colors added to make the material durable, strong, and stain-resistant. The manufacturing process also eliminates the need for future maintenance. Quartz has been used as flooring in industrial and heavy-duty applications for many years. Most people have likely walked on a quartz floor in their local shopping center or airport without even realizing it. It has only became popular for use as a countertop or vanity in recent years.

Benefits of Using Quartz

Quartz is an affordable material that is durable and easy to clean. It requires little maintenance compared to some other types of materials like laminate. Quartz doesn't require initial sealing or future sealing, which helps to save time and money. Quartz also has resins added during manufacturing which helps to prevent staining and keeps counters looking new for many, many years. Because the colors are added during the manufacturing of the material, there myriad different color options to choose from.

Using Quartz Counter Tops in Your Home

Quartz can be used in the kitchen or bathroom for a unique look that is easy to install and durable. Quartz makes a beautiful vanity and you can find it in many different colors to get the look you want in your remodeling project. Pre-fabricated quartz costs significantly less than most marble or granite alternatives, which may be double or even triple that price for the same size area.

Pre-Fab vs Slab

Pre-fabricated quartz means that it's already cut and finished and ready for your installer. Often times the only step left to do is to cut the sink hole in the appropriate location.  Pre-fab is cheaper than slab but it doesn't work in areas with that have splays or curves. Slab quartz is more raw for custom jobs where it is then cut specifically to the specifications of the job. It works well for large kitchens that have a large island or rounded areas where the counters need to be shaped specifically for the area. Custom slab counters have less seams than pre-fabricated.

If you're working on a home improvement project, consider quartz countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. It's a non-porous material that resists stains, requires little maintenance, and holds up for years. It's also very affordable than many other remodeling materials and it's friendly to the environment.

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