With the highest density of most quartz on the market, BCS Vienna Quartz is a superior product. Its low porosity yields extremely low maintenance care needs.

To remove ordinary stains and spills, simply apply nonabrasive soaps or gels, vinegar and water may also be used in place. With a damp cloth or sponge, wipe surface, rinse as necessary. Repeat steps as necessary.

For those stubborn stuck on stains, in ex. gum or pastes, scrape contents with plastic putty knife, follow by scrubbing residual with damp cloth to remove any excess material. Wash surface with nonabrasive soaps and water as necessary. Soaking area for ten minutes may soften contents and ease removal.

Exposure to dyes or colored liquids for the intent of writing, personal care or home repairs might stain surface. In case of exposure promptly rinse surface with clean water thoroughly.

BCS Vienna Quartz is intended for interior surface applications, exposure to direct sunlight over long periods of time may cause discoloration of product. In areas with a large amount of natural light, it is recommended to use windows that contain Low-E glazing, dual glaze is preferred.

All engineered quartz contains resins and acrylics susceptible to heat, direct and prolonged contact with extreme temperatures may damage surface and cause irreparable damage. Avoid contact with hot pans, household items with heating elements, skillets or extremely hot cooking pots or pans. Place a heat guard over surface when placing hot items, avoid direct contact.

In some cases, metals with high content of iron will oxidize. Such items and in specific with liquids will create a rust spot or rust ring over surface. Avoid placing such items over surface at all times. In case of rust stains. Do not attempt to use a Brillo pad or any other abrasive material, use Liquid Barkeeper’s Friend only as follows:  Place a small amount on damp cloth. Using very light pressure, wipe the area where the marks are in a circular motion, rinsing thoroughly as necessary

Preserving the beauty of your BCS Vienna Quartz should be an ease. As with any product avoiding necessary precautions of care will greatly affect the finish and life of product. Exposing BCS Vienna Quartz to highly abrasive, alkaline or harsh cleaning products with a pH over 8 may etch surface.

To avoid edge chipping an 1/8” radius in all corners is recommended, with a 3/8” radius in all inside corners. The radius will reduce direct stress to corners that might cause chipping and fractures. Although BCS Vienna quartz is engineered to withstand almost any installation application. Improper installation may cause material to crack or even break. Installation only on even surfaces is recommended, ensuring that all weak points such as overhangs and cut offs include sufficient support or reinforcement is recommended.

Taking the right precautions and care will ensure the longevity and beauty of your new BCS Vienna Quartz.Enjoy!