Calacatta-Laza Prefabricated Quartz Countertop by MSI Inc.
Ordering, design, delivery and installation available at our Oxnard location.
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Prefabricated Sizes:

110'' x 26''

110'' x 36''

110'' x 42''

110''' x 52''

Slab Size:

126'' x 63''


BCS Quartz products are manufactured with the latest advanced machinery. Our high performance compactor provides a density average of 2.45 ton/m3. This advanced process prevents air and contaminants from infiltrating the stone; resulting in a dense and durable product.


With a high purity of 90-93% natural quartz, our BCS Quartz products provide consistent hardness, durability, and extraordinary color. Our polishing process promotes scratch resistance and prevents fading.


Lower water absorption than Granite (0.03% vs. 1%). Less moisture allows for less bacteria to infiltrate the stone.


High quartz content (90%-93%). Does not react chemically with alkaline and acids (ex. juices, colas, vinegars) as marble and granites often do.


Hardness similar to most granites. Much stronger than marble and limestone (Mohs hardness 5-6). Resistant to scratches.


Low absorption rate resists staining from coffee, wine, fruits and other normal kitchen/household liquids.

With the highest density of most quartz on the market, BCS Vienna Quartz is a superior product. Its low porosity yields extremely low maintenance care needs.

To remove ordinary stains and spills, simply apply nonabrasive soaps or gels, vinegar and water may also be used in place. With a damp cloth or sponge, wipe surface, rinse as necessary. Repeat steps as necessary.


Blanco Taupe granite from China is a low variation granite of whites and grays. It is available in both tiles and slabs and recommended for flooring, countertops and walls in both residential and commercial properties.